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Protected Tree Removal Permit Application

  1. Tree permits are only authorized to the property owner or person/business entity legally responsible for the subject tree. By submitting this permit I am certifying that I am the property owner where the subject tree is located, or otherwise legally responsible for the subject tree.

  2. Decisions and correspondence will be sent to your email address.
  3. Please provide your preferred telephone number.
  4. I am certifying that I am the legal property owner of this address.
  5. Provide the diameter of your tree (in inches) at breast height (DBH). If your tree is a multiple trunk tree, provide the diameter of all stems measured at 54" above ground.
  6. Provide a statement on the specific reasons for the proposed tree removal.
  7. Provide a plan showing the location of the tree to be removed and the quantity and species of trees to be planted in exchange for removal of a protected tree.
  8. Image 1 of subject tree
  9. Image 2 of subject tree
  10. Image 3 of subject tree
  11. Provide a written narrative from an I.S.A Certified Arborist that includes the following: Arborist name, certification number and company letterhead; the common and scientific name of the tree species; size of tree diameter, height, and crown spread; tree condition in terms of foliage, vigor, and structural integrity; prognosis and life expectancy; location diagram including photos.
  12. Electronic Signature*
    By checking I agree and acknowledge this electronic signature is valid and binding in the same force and effect as a handwritten signature.
  13. Review Procedure
    Upon receipt of all required information the application will be reviewed by the City Arborist. Staff may request additional information from the applicant or Arborist, and a site visit may be required. If the prognosis is deemed urgent or is a life/safety emergency, the City Arborist or designated City staff person has the discretion to approve or modify this process as needed.
  14. Questions
    Questions regarding the process for obtaining a permit to remove protected trees may be directed to the City Arborist Tyce Dekker at (925) 671-3064. Please allow up to five (5) business days to receive a return response.
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