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Public Works

  1. 1383 Complaint Form


  2. COVID-19 Vaccination Status

    California workplace rules taking effect on June 15 will allow employees to work without face coverings in indoor and outdoor settings... More…

  3. On-Site Diesel Fuel Log

    Employees will use this form to log Emp ID, Last name, First initial, Equipment ID, Mileage, and fuel amount in gallons (format: XX.XX) More…

  4. Volunteer Waiver and Release from Liability/Assumption of Risk

    Waiver form for volunteers working in parks and creeks.

  1. Adopt-a-Spot Application

    Adopt-a-Spot allows organizations or individuals to form an agreement with the City of Concord Public Works department to maintain or... More…

  2. COVID-19 Vaccination Status (file upload)
  3. Protected Tree Removal Permit Application

    Procedures and application for removal of protected trees.