How do I apply for a permit?


The City of Concord has established permit parking areas in order to alleviate, in certain areas and neighborhoods, motor vehicle congestion. If you live in a permit parking neighborhood, you must submit an application for a permit if you are going to park on the street. After doing so, you will be asked to provide evidence of residency within the permit parking area and evidence of vehicle ownership with the vehicle registered to the same address as the resident.

Appropriate evidence shall include, but not be limited to, a current vehicle registration, a current driver’s license, a recent utility bill, or photocopies of these items, and the appropriate application fee, if any, established in the Resolution Establishing Fees and Charges for Various Municipal Services. You can apply for a residential parking permit online.


A guest parking permit may be issued in a designated permit parking area upon receipt of a completed application. Among the items required in said application shall be evidence of the applicant’s residency within a designated permit parking area, the license plate number of the guest’s vehicle; and the address of the residence being visited, which must coincide with the applicant’s address. You can apply for a guest parking permit online.


From time to time certain neighborhood groups want to have city streets closed for the purpose of conducting block parties or other similar neighborhood events. In the interest of public safety, the City Council has established a procedure for granting permits authorizing the temporary closure of city streets by the Chief of Police upon application. Please call the contact the Community Service Desk at 925-671-3220.

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