How soon must funds be spent?

The City must obligate the funds by December 2024 and spend them by December 2026 (though we are shooting to have funds spent by December 2024). 

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1. Can one organization submit multiple applications?
2. How do I submit more than one application?
3. Are there any character or word limits on application?
4. Does the application portal have the ability to save work and come back or must it be filled out in one sitting?
5. What attachments are required so we can have those ready?
6. The application states that Concord-based organizations are eligible to apply for funding. What is the definition of Concord-based?
7. What type of reporting will be required with this grant?
8. What is the time-period or period of performance for this grant (i.e. start and end-dates)?
9. Are there any exclusions for funding under this grant, or types of programs the City is most interested in funding?
10. How soon must funds be spent?