Intersection traffic signal timing is not working properly, who do I contact?

The City relies on the residents to provide feedback on traffic signal operations within the City. Upon receiving a request, City staff reviews the request and conducts a thorough investigation on the issues faced. Staff conducts field review of the location and evaluates feasibility of adjusting signal timings. Most major corridors within the City of Concord are part of a coordinated and interconnected signal system, so changes made to one intersection can affect other movements and intersections in the system(s). Signal timing changes are made only after thorough field review, justification, and evaluation of feasibility and potential impacts. This process can take up to several months due to the intensive analysis required. 

For all traffic signal timing issues, contact the Transportation Division via Concord Connect and select Transportation > Traffic Signal Operation.

Provide the intersection name, movement of concern, time of day, and specific issue. The more information you provide us, the better we can help you.

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