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Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)
Link: Bay Area Air Quality Management District Website

When Necessary & General Guidelines

The BAAQMD regulates air quality. They issue permits for asbestos abatement projects. The City requires applicants to obtain "J" numbers from the BAAQMD prior to issuance of a permit that involves demolition to address asbestos removal in a safe manner. They also regulate many other types of projects related to air quality.

Buchanan Field Airport Safety Zone
Jamar Stamps
Phone: 925-674-7832

Link: Airport Land Use Commission Page

When Necessary & General Guidelines

Be sure to discuss with the City Planner whether the project is located within the Buchanan Field Airport Safety Zone boundaries. The airport safety zone is an overlay to our zoning/base maps. Planning can determine whether a site is in a safety zone. We also have a copy of the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan and can advise on basic requirements before referring them to the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) for more information.

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD)
Link: Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Website

When Necessary & General Guidelines

Exterior lateral building sewers and the sewer mains within the City of Concord are serviced (regulated, plan reviewed, and inspected) by either the City of Concord or the CCCSD depending upon the location of the project.  Please refer to the sewer information page for more detailed information about the service areas and how to determine which service area your project is in.  

If you are in the CCCSD service area, you must submit plans and specifications to the CCCSD for review and approval of your project before the City of Concord will issue a permit.  The CCCSD will also provide all inspections on sewer laterals and mains if it is located within the CCCSD service area.

Fire District
Link: Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Website

When Necessary & General Guidelines

  • All additions or alterations to non-residential and multi-family buildings
  • All new buildings, regardless of occupancy groups

The fire district also has jurisdiction over temporary tents or canopy structures.

Health Department
Link: Contra Costa Health Services Website

When Necessary & General Guidelines

Projects involving the following must submit to the Health Department directly for review and permitting:

  • Food service uses
  • Hazardous material storage or usage
  • Hazardous remediation projects
  • New, replaced, or abandoned private sewer disposal systems and leach fields
  • New, replaced, or abandoned water wells

The Health department also handles vector control.

Mt. Diablo Unified School District
Freda Morris
Link: Mt. Diablo Unified School District Website

When Necessary & General Guidelines

For questions on school district fees, contact Freda Morris, Senior Account Clerk within the Fiscal Services Department of the school district. Development fees are published on the school district website.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)
Link: PG&E Website

When Necessary & General Guidelines

Contact for electrical or gas service planning and construction.

View the PG&E Green Book.

State of California Housing & Community Development Department (HCD)
Concord, CA 94519

When Necessary & General Guidelines

Whenever an applicant considers the installation, alteration, or repair of a modular unit (e.g., a manufactured home, mobile home, or commercial coach) the applicant must first obtain design and permitting approval from HCD for the unit itself. Having a HCD approved set of plans is sufficient for this purpose.

The City of Concord only has jurisdiction (plan review and inspection) over the following specific elements:

  • Access to, including disabled access to, the unit, and exiting from the modular unit
  • Construction type and occupancy group listed on the insignia of the modular unit installed matches the proposed construction plans
  • The foundation design and construction
  • Utility hookups, including electrical, sewer, and water
1 - 8 of 8 Listings