Assembly Bill 481 Military Equipment Use Policy

On September 30, 2021, the Governor of the State of California approved Assembly Bill 481 (codified as Chapter 12.8 of the California Government Code) requiring law enforcement agencies such as the Concord Police Department to have a military equipment use policy approved by the City Council prior to requesting, seeking funding, acquiring or using items that it defined as military equipment. Assembly Bill 481 allows the governing body to approve the policy within its jurisdiction only if it determines that the military equipment meets specified standards. 

On April 12, 2022, the Concord City Council approved Ordinance 22-6 approving Concord Police Department Policy #706: Military Equipment Use Policy (Link to Meeting). As required by Assembly Bill 481 and the Ordinance, annually the Concord Police Department must prepare a report on the use of each type of military equipment approved in the Policy over the last year. Subsequently, the City Council must then review the Ordinance, Policy and Annual Report, and determine whether the Department’s use of the defined military equipment in the past year complied with the Policy, and whether to continue the Ordinance and Policy, take action (by ordinance) to modify the Policy or repeal the Ordinance. 

As set forth in the Policy, the Concord Police Department retains and employs limited equipment that falls under this legislation and subsequent law to safeguard its community. Concord Police Department officers, certified instructional staff, and specialized units receive training throughout the year on the use of this equipment approved under the Policy. 

To help guide this process, and create transparency for our community, the Concord Police Department established this webpage to provide all required materials including draft policy, current applicable equipment, and full text of the bill.

Concord Police Department Policy

Inaugural AB481 Equipment List (Presented April 2022)

AB481 Legislation 

Concord Police Department 2022 AB481 Report and 2023 Equipment List (Updated March 2023)

Comments and Complaints regarding the Concord Police Department's use of equipment defined under AB 481 can be emailed to the Concord Police Department at

The Concord Police Department hosted two virtual meetings to discuss its inventory and use of equipment that falls under AB 481 on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

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