Park Rules

The rules and regulations contained herein shall apply to and be in full force and effect at all park and recreation areas which now are or which may hereafter be under the jurisdiction and control of the city, and shall govern the use of all such park and recreation areas, and it shall be unlawful to violate such rules and regulations hereinafter set forth as follows

  • Parks are open sunrise to sunset.
  • No person shall vandalize public park property.
  • No person, other than a duly authorized city employee or agent, shall damage, cut, carve, transplant, or remove any tree, plant, or flower, or any portion thereof, or injure the bark or pick flowers or seeds of any tree or plant or injure or impair the natural beauty or usefulness of any area.
  • No person shall light or maintain any fire in any park unless such fire is lighted and maintained in a place provided for that purpose.
  • No person shall hunt, molest, harm, frighten, kill, trap, chase, tease, shoot, or throw missiles or objects at any animal, reptile, or bird; or remove or have in his possession the young of any animal, or the eggs, or nest, or young of any reptile or bird.
  • Leave no trace. Put trash in its place. Use trash and recycle receptacles where provided. In those that do not, please take home all recyclables and trash, including dog waste.
  • Motor vehicles restricted to parking lots and paved streets.  No person may drive or park a vehicle in areas other than those established or designated for such purposes.  
  • Horses and other livestock shall be permitted only on those trails and in those areas specifically designated for equestrian use;
  • All dogs and other domestic animals shall not be permitted to run at large, and must at all times be under the control of their owners or custodians. Dogs and other domestic animals present in Ellis Lake Park must be, at all times, tethered to and controlled by a leash which does not exceed ten feet in length. Dogs and other domestic animals shall not be permitted in any other city park so designated on any sign posted in the park;
  • Swimming, bathing, or wading is permitted only in those areas and at those times specifically designated for such purposes.
  • Golf, archery, horseshoes, boating, and the flying of motor-powered model airplanes shall be permitted only at locations specifically designated for that purpose.
  • Picnics shall be permitted in all parks and recreation areas unless otherwise prohibited by signs duly posted.
  • No person shall willfully interfere with, annoy, or harass any person or persons lawfully using the park and recreation areas pursuant to these rules and regulations.  Nor shall any person interfere with any park maintenance activities being carried on by any employee or agent.
  • No person shall sell or offer to sell any goods, or thing whatsoever, or station or place any stand, cart, or vehicle for the transportation, sale, or display of any such goods, or thing, on any park or recreation area, except as such person is licensed by the city as a concessionaire to sell or offer to sell.
  • No unauthorized advertising on public property is permitted in any park or recreation area.
  • No mass picnics or meetings shall be held, except as provided in section 4.05.040 of this Code.
  • The use of internal combustion vehicles, models and equipment is prohibited, except that operation of model airplanes is permitted at the designated model airplane area at Hillcrest Park.

These rules and regulations shall not apply to any city employee, agent, or representative in the duly authorized performance of their duties hereunder.

See 4.05.020 Rules and regulations for a full list of rules and regulations.