Concord Senior Center FAQ's

Who runs the concord senior center?Icon About CSC

The Concord Senior Center is a 16,000 square foot building nestled in John F. Baldwin Park. It is run and owned by the City of Concord Parks & Recreation Department.  The current building has been here since 2003 and has 3 full-time City staff, including a Program Manager, two Program Coordinators and 100+ volunteers. 

The Concord Senior Center is a place for all people to participate, establish relationships, and share similar interests with others in a friendly environment.  To get to know us better, we have broken down the facility into 3 categories;  City Programs & Services, Mount Diablo Region Meals on Wheels Services, and Senior Club Activities.

The City of Concord  - Senior center programs and services

The city offers all instructional classes (anything that requires a teacher), activities, trips/tours(day trips and extended tours), and special events/workshops.  All services offered are coordinated through our full-time staff.  To find out more information on our class offerings, please check out our Activity Guide HERE.

CC_VTLogo-01Concord CAFÉ costa (formerly C.C. Cafe) Mount Diablo Meals on wheels services -

The Concord Café Costa and Care Manager Services.  Both programs are described on our Health and Human Services Page

The Concord Senior Club 

The Club has a long history of partnership with the center. The CLUB operates totally separately, with their own elected officers, finances and is 100% volunteer run.  They operate all non-instructional social activities like card games, bingo, billiards, book club, computer club and other social events like Club Dinner and Club Birthday.  For more information about membership or how to get involved, visit their office window on weekdays 9a-4p or call 925-687-2585 or connect by email at

How do I participate or how do I get my parent(s)/grandparent(s) to participate?

Participation by any adult 50+ and better is welcome.  Seniors can come to the Concord Senior Center to participate in any of the programs and services offered by the above 3 groups.  There are a lot of options available! 

Seniors must be involved in 1 or more activities, workshops, or services to participate.  All seniors should be independent and able to get around on their own.  If a senior wants to attend a program but is in need of continual physical or mental assistance, they should attend with a caregiver who stays with them while they are here.  The Concord Senior Center does not have trained staff/services that can accommodate those who need ongoing physical/mental assistance. 

  • Visit our Concord Registration website to view available classes, activities, trips and tours.
  • Contact the Senior Club if you want to hear more about weekly activities, social events and/or other Club happenings at 925-687-2585.
  • Visit the Services and Resource page for more information
  • We encourage you to read the participant guidelines to familiarize yourself with our code of conduct.

I have limited funds, what can I do for free?

There are services offered for FREE on the Resources page, but most social and educational activities require some payment (CLUB is very affordable).  If you have limited income, consider applying for a scholarship.  

How do I volunteer for the Senior Center?

Visit our volunteer page to read more about volunteer opportunities.