Economic Development


By taking a long-term, comprehensive approach to economic development, the City of Concord's Economic Development Division seeks to:
- Enhance Concord's quality of life;
- Facilitate a stable, healthy business environment;
- Expand the City's tax base to ensure long-term fiscal stability;
- Provide efficient, effective government services to Concord businesses;
- Promote high-quality job opportunities;
- Maintain a highly-skilled, competitive workforce;
- Support entrepreneurship and small business opportunities; and
- Revitalize Downtown and other business districts


The Economic Development Division created the Concord First website to allow business owners and brokers to get to know Concord better and get a good feel for what our dynamic, progressive community has to offer. The City of Concord is building a strong record of success, underpinned by ambitious plans for the future, and we're only too happy to widen the path. Visit the Concord First website to learn more.


The Opportunity Zones program is a federal initiative to encourage investment in economically distressed communities. Individuals who invest in any of the four designated census tracts in Concord through a Qualified Opportunity Fund are eligible to receive tax benefits, such as deferring or even eliminating capital gains. Learn more by visiting the Opportunity Zones page on the Concord First website.

concord vibe

The City of Concord has a rich and vibrant scene that appeals to those seeking an urban lifestyle with all the comforts of a suburban setting, “a little big city.” The Economic Development Division showcases Concord Vibe through the City of Concord's social media accounts, downtown events, and feature videos of our hardworking and dedicated business owners.


Shopping for properties? Or are you simply curious? Visit our searchable website to see available properties in Concord. You can tailor your search to your needs and interests – by building size, site or business, for example, or you can probe other information such as demographics, labor force and economic data.