Rules & Policies

General Rules & Policies

  • Please help us keep camp clean by picking up mugs, trash, clothing items, etc., so that every camper can enjoy the pristine beauty of camp. The beautiful surroundings of Camp Concord make camp what it is, and we want to preserve it to the best of our ability.
  • Smoking is not allowed on camp.
  • For your safety please do not walk bare footed on camp property.
  • Drink plenty of water. We want to make sure you don’t get dehydrated. Most of us don’t live at over 6,000 feet and aren’t walking around outside all day. Please make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

Hiking & Trails

  • Please help us minimize erosion by only using designated trails and pathways. We want to leave a minimal impact on the land we occupy and encourage the growth of seedlings as they offer us shade, provide animal habitat and we can all enjoy their beauty.
  • While we encourage campers to take advantage of camp’s natural environment, and want you to enjoy the hiking trails, we also want to remind you that hiking can be dangerous and hiking trails can have uneven terrain. Please never hike alone, always have someone with you. If for some reason this is not possible, make sure to tell someone exactly where you are going and how long you think you’ll be gone. Always wear appropriate footwear for hiking (i.e. no thongs or sandals), and take the appropriate safety measures.


  • Squirrels, raccoons, blue jays and mice are wild animals. Please do not endanger our wildlife or the safety of you or your family by feeding these animals.
  • Occasionally a bear might wander through camp. Please remember that the forest is its home, and it doesn’t realize it needs to share with us. If you see a bear please report it to Camp Staff so we can take proper precautions. If a bear comes close to you, do not run. Stand still, make yourself appear as large as possible (hold up your arms) and make loud noises. These bears are not known to be aggressive or to attack humans unless provoked (and documented cases of this in our area are incredibly rare). Please carefully read the Practical Tips for Food Storage and properly store all food items after each use.


All Camp Staff hold First Aid and CPR certificates to assist in emergencies, but we do not have a nurse on duty. Families are expected to handle their own general medical needs. In the unfortunate event that an emergency occurs, please know that the closest hospital is Barton Memorial approximately a 15-minute drive from camp.


During all lakefront activities, we have staff that hold a lifeguard certification and can provide needed response in the event of an emergency. However, because of the nature of our camp activities do not have “lifeguards on-duty,” nor do we conduct swim tests with our family campers. We ask that adults know their limits and parents keep an eye on their children.


Camp Concord Family Camp staff understands most people think of their pet as part of the family. Everyone’s pet is very special, and the majority of pets are well-behaved. However, for reasons of sanitation, public health, liability, environmental impact, and safety of all campers, pets are not allowed at camp. Thank you for understanding.