Residential Rent Review Program

Residential Rent Review Program

On May 23, 2017, the Concord City Council adopted Ordinance 17-7, establishing Chapter 19.40 Residential Rent Review Program of the Concord Municipal Code. The new Rent Review Program became effective on June 23, 2017. 

About the Program

The Residential Rent Review Program allows tenants who experience rent increases exceeding 10% in a 12-month period to access non-binding conciliation and mediation services through a housing counselor retained by the City. In the event that the conciliation and mediation services do not result in a resolution to the conflict over the rent increase, tenants have the option of seeking non-binding arbitration at a public meeting through a three-member Rent Review Panel appointed by the City Council. Participation in the conciliation, mediation and public arbitration process is mandatory for property owners. 

Program Requirements

The Ordinance applies to all Concord rental properties with three or more rental units, except triplexes in which one of the units is owner-occupied and in rental units owned or operated by any government agency or whose rent is subsidized through any government program.

Property owners are required to provide tenants with a Notice of Availability (PDF) of Rent Review when issuing a rent increase in any amount.

Tenants can request Rent Review services when:

  • A renter receives a rent increases over 10%
  • A renter receives more than one rent increase in a 12 month period and the total of all rent increases exceeds 10% in the 12 month period

To see if the Residential Rent Review Program can help you, please email ECHO Housing or call at 855-275-3246.

Residential Rent Review Documents

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