Sewer Permits

sewer capacity fees

Sewer Capacity Fees (also called connection fees) are one-time fees collected prior to issuing a sewer connection permit. Effective July 16, 2023, the following Sewer Capacity Fees will be required. The rate schedule below was determined in accordance with the City of Concord’s 2023 Sewer Capacity Fee Report.    


Sewer Connection Type

Capacity Fee*
Single Family Home or 3-Bedroom Multiple dwelling Unit
Per unit
2-Bedroom Multiple Dwelling Unit
Per unit
1-Bedroom or Studio Multiple Dwelling Unit
Per unit
Accessory Dwelling Unit
Per 1,000 Sq ft
All other uses / Commercial
Per Plumbing Fixture

*Fees listed are effective July 16, 2023 and will increase annually according to the 2023 Sewer Capacity Fee Report

A Sewer Connection Permit must be issued by the Community Development Department for all sewer connections into the City of Concord Sanitary Sewer System.

Connection charges will be determined upon request for connection to the main sewer line, or changes to existing non-residential connections.


An existing structure changing from septic plumbing system to the sanitary sewer system; without a change in use, must be issued a Sewer Connection Permit, prior to the issuance of a Plumbing/Sewer Lateral Inspection Permit or an Encroachment Permit

annual sewer service charges

A service charge is assessed annually for all sewer connections.  New sewer connections are assessed a pro-rated levy depending on the time of year the sewer permit is issued, and the full amount annually thereafter. Sewer service charges are administered by Public Works. More information is available at the following link:

Special Regulations

Building Permit applications within the City of Clayton and CCC directly adjacent to Concord are processed by CCC. CCC requires a sanitary sewer approval before issuing a building permit. Plans are routed through the Community Development Department for review of potential conflict with existing sewer mains and/or easements, determination of sewer availability, and collection of fees as well as the Concord Building Division for review of plans for possible Plumbing Permit. CCC will not issue a building permit without an official approval stamp from the City of Concord’s Community Development Department