K9 Program

The Largest K9 Program in Contra Costa County


The Concord Police Department (CPD) maintains the largest municipal law enforcement K9 corps in Contra Costa County, and per capita, the CPD K9 program is one of the largest in the state of California. The CPD K9 Unit has been continuously staffed for over 45 years.

The K9 Corps Today

Today, the CPD currently staffs and deploys six K9 teams within the eight patrol squads. Within each active K9 team, a handler is attached to an individual squad Sergeant for day-to-day supervision.

About our Canines

Our dogs consist of Belgian Malinois and German Shepard canines; all of which are male dogs. Each of the canines is cross-trained, meaning the dogs are trained and state-certified as Police Service Dogs (protection work - search and apprehension), and also state-certified for narcotics detection. All our K9 teams train on a continual, on-going basis and they certify annually as CPD K9s.