Building Code Enforcement

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Any construction done without a permit may be charged double the inspection fees plus additional hourly fees for any staff enforcement time


The following violations should be reported to and are handled by the Police Department Code Enforcement team:

  • HOUSING CODE VIOLATIONS - Examples include no running water, no heat, or water intrusion
  • ZONING OR DEVELOPMENT CODE VIOLATIONS - Examples include fences or sheds with improper setbacks
  • NUISANCES - Examples include blight, visible trash, or overgrown weeds

State of California Title 24 Disabled Access Regulations

City Building Inspectors are responsible for enforcing violations of California Title 24 Disabled Access regulations on existing buildings which have undergone construction projects with permits and inspections. Title 24 Access regulations require the owner to maintain accessibility features that were required under the permits that have been finaled. For related complaints email an inspector or call at 925-671-3330.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

ADA is a Federal Civil Rights issue. City Building Inspectors do not have enforcement authority for ADA violations. ADA issues on private and public property are handled through legal action in Federal Court.  Aggrieved parties should consult with an attorney.

The City of Concord has identified ADA coordinators for both the public right-of-way areas (sidewalks, curbs, streets) and for public properties that are not part of the public right-of-way (e.g., City Hall buildings, Council Chamber). 

For related complaints contact the Engineering Division.

For additional resources regarding ADA see our ADA Compliance page.