Sewer & Stormwater

Sewer Collection System

We perform preventive maintenance and make routine repairs to the pump station and the sewer collection system to provide a safe and healthy environment in the cities of Clayton and Concord in an efficient cost-effective manner.

Storm Drainage Management

Public Works provides maintenance of storm drainage facilities including creeks, channels, and piped storm drainage system.

Creek Maintenance

Property owners with a creek on their property, or property owners fronting a creek, must maintain the creek and abutting vegetation, including removal of any trash accumulated by the creek.

Stormwater Program

The stormwater program includes:

  • On-site inspection of commercial and industrial activities
  • Preventing pollution in stormwater runoff through construction site planning, design, maintenance and inspection
  • Public education and industrial outreach
  • Special studies
  • Wet weather monitoring

Concord is one of 21 agencies that form the Contra Costa Clean Water Program.