Permit Center

Concord's Chief Building Official, Ryan Pursley, Announces Virtual Permit Center and Permit Pal Services:


  • Our Virtual Permit Center (VPC) is OPEN and in full operation!
  • The City is accepting and issuing all Building Permit application types
  • The City is performing inspections on all project types

Go to our Virtual Permit Center Services Page for detailed information on permit and inspection services

Go to Concord’s Permit Pal tool for information on zoning, permits, and fees

Asistencia disponible en Espanol. Por favor consulte en el centro de permisos.

Using the Permit Center

Some of the things you can do in Permit Center include:

The Permit Center has been specifically designed to provide a central location for your convenience and to allow for more efficient customer service. A Permit Center staff member is on hand to assist you at any time during our normal hours of operation with no appointment necessary. Other City resources such as the Economic Development and Housing Programs are available for the Permit Center when needed.

Online Citizen Access

You may access City of Concords’ Citizen Access Portal - ePermit Online 24/7 to perform the following:

  • Check the status of applications
  • Check the status of inspections
  • Run reports of permit history by date range (under construction)
  • Search application history


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