Housing for Persons with Disabilities

The City of Concord has a goal of promoting increased accessibility by connecting developers and residents to resources that assist those with special housing needs including older adults and persons with disabilities. Please review the programs and information listed below to assist in promoting accessible housing for persons with disabilities throughout the Concord Community. 

Home Match Program - This program provides matching services for older adults that would like to share their homes for companionship, extra income, or assistance with home maintenance. This services includes applicant screenings, home visits, interviews, on-going mediation, outreach and written agreements for living arrangements. 

Homeowner Rehabilitation Loan & Grant Program - Funds are available for grants and low or no-interest, deferred rehabilitation loans for low-income homeowners. The home must be owner occupied. Eligibility is based on income and household size. Funds can be used for emergency repair and accessibility grants, weatherization and home security grants for seniors, and more. 

Building Division's ADA Compliance Requirements - Visit the City of Concord's Building division's page to learn more about ADA regulations and requirements.