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The City of Concord is exploring the possibility of participating in a program that would provide residents with an alternative to PG&E as the provider of electricity to their homes or businesses.  Community Choice Energy, also known as Community Choice Aggregation, is a local, not-for-profit governmental program that buys and may generate electrical power on behalf of its residents, businesses, and governmental entities.  The agency administering the Community Choice program may also elect to administer energy efficiency programs and other greenhouse gas emission reducing activities.

There are many reasons why a community might want to pursue Community Choice energy.  Potential benefits include:

  • Providing customer choice
  • Establishing local control
  • Expanding renewable energy portfolios
  • Enhancing local economic development
  • Implementing the Citywide Climate Action Plan

Community Choice programs are opt-out programs, meaning that once a local government votes to form or join a Community Choice Energy Joint Powers Authority (JPA), the constituents of that local government are automatically enrolled, and may opt-out if they wish.

Community Choice is only involved in the electrical generation decision-making and hasno involvement with transmission and distribution.  The existing electrical utility, PG&E, continues the metering and the billing for customers.  The Community Choice JPA replaces the line item on the electric bill for “generation.”

When a community, or group of communities, decides it wants to pursue a Community Choice program, a typicalfirst stepis to identify funding in order to produce a technical study.  The technical study analyzes the electrical load of the community and offers projections about the kinds of power mix and rates that might be possible.  The City of Concord is currently partnering with Contra Costa County and multiple other interested cities to study the following options:

  • Form a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), comprised of the County and interested cities within Contra Costa County to establish a Community Choice Energy Program
  • Form a new JPA comprised of interested cities within Alameda County and Contra Costa County to establish a Community Choice Energy Program
  • Join the existing Community Choice JPA - MCE Clean Energy
  • Take no action

Once the early investigation is complete, the jurisdiction or group of jurisdictions must pass an ordinance stating the intention to form or join a Community Choice agency.

To find out more about CCE, please view this brief video or refer to Frequently Asked Questions.


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