City of Concord, California

Youth Protection Curfew


The purpose of this ordinance is to protect the youth of our community, reduce juvenile crime and reinforce parental authority.

Many citizens are unaware that Concord has a curfew law. In 1995, the Concord City Council revised the Youth Protection Curfew, and this outlines those changes.

One significant change in the curfew ordinance will hold parents accountable for their children's actions. A state law enacted in 1994 allows cities to recoup the law enforcement costs associated with the detention and transportation of juveniles who violate curfew laws.

A violation of the curfew regulations set forth in Concord Municipal Code Sections 66-71 through 66-74 constitutes a misdemeanor.

Questions and Answers

Q: Where will the police officer take my child if he/she is picked up for a curfew violation?

A: A police officer who has reasonable cause to believe that a minor is in violation of the curfew regulations may release the minor to his or her parent or legal guardian either at the scene of the detention, at the minor's permanent or temporary home, at the police department, or elsewhere at the direction of the parent or legal guardian.

Q: Can I be Fined?

A: After a first violation, the Police Department will send the parent or legal guardian a letter notifying them that they may be fined for a subsequent violation. For a second violation, the parent or legal guardian may be billed at a rate of $85 per hour for the actual detention and transportation of the minor.

Q: Are there other consequences?

A: The juvenile may also be cited into municipal court. Upon adjudication, the judge, referee, or hearing officer may do any of the following:

  • Reprimand the minor and take no further action.
  • Refer the matter to Juvenile Probation.
  • Direct the Probation Department to place the minor on supervised probation.
  • Order the minor to pay a fine not to exceed $250.
  • Any combination of the above.
  • The minor may also be assigned to a work detail by the Police Department Special Victims Unit.

Q: Could my child be placed with other law violators?

A: No. The law prohibits status offenders, such as curfew violators or truants, from being mixed with adults or juveniles arrested for robbery, assault or other criminal offenses.


Our children are our most valuable resource. Let's work together to protect them.

For additional information, contact the Concord Police Department at: (925) 671-3020 or (925) 671-3220.

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