City of Concord, California

Report a Crime

Ways to Report Crimes

1. In person
Visit the Concord PD Community Service Desk

2. Over the phone
Call the Community Service Desk at (925) 671-3220.

3. Report a crime in progress or an emergency
Call 911 or (925) 671-3333

4. Report a crime that does not meet the conditions outlined on this page
Call the Community Service Desk at (925) 671-3220.

How to Report a Crime Online


Many non-emergency crimes can be reported online, allowing you to avoid waiting for an officer to take the report. To see if you qualify, please read checklist below.

  1. The crime is not an emergency. Call 911 or 925-671-3333 if this is an emergency.
  2. There are no known suspects and there is no obvious evidence (such as video or witnesses). Crimes with possible suspect information must be reported to an officer. Call 925-671-3220 for more.
  3. The crime is one of the following:
    Child Custody, Documentation of Violation of Order
    Garbage Dumping
    Harrassing Phone Calls
    Identity Theft
    Lost, Stolen, or Vandalized Property
    Non-Injury Traffic Collision or Hit and Run Traffic Collision
    Theft from storage unit
    Theft from unlocked garage
    Vehicle Tampering (Example: Keying or attempts to remove vehicle parts).
    Online reporting MUST fall into one of these crime classifications and have NO SUSPECT, NO EVIDENCE, NO SURVEILLANCE and NO SERIAL NUMBERS.
  4. The crime occurred within the city limits of Concord, California.
  5. The crime did not occur on a state freeway. If the crime occurred on a state freeway, contact the California Highway Patrol.
  6. If you are reporting a lost or stolen license plate, please come to the station to report directly to an Officer.
  7. If your missing property has a complete serial number and you know it, please call 925-671-3220 for a desk officer.
  8. You have a valid Email address.
  9. For security purposes, and to prevent fraud, your IP address will be recorded with the report. CAUTION: Filing a false police report is a crime.

By clicking the button below, I have read the statements above and my report meets all of these criteria.

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Retrieving a Report

If you have already submitted a report online.

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