City of Concord, California


Concord's 14 public playgrounds have been renovated since 1994 with state-of-the-art playground equipment. All playgrounds have been inspected to ensure compliance with the latest safety standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so that children of all ages and abilities will be able to enjoy the experience.

Matteo's Dream

Concord is home to Matteo's Dream - A Playground for Children of All Abilities, one of the few playgrounds in the nation where children who cannot walk, see or hear can play safely alongside children who can. Matteo's Dream, which opened in May 2007 and is the largest playground in the city, is located in Hillcrest Park at 2050 Olivera Road. View our Facebook page.

Pixieland Park

A family favorite in Willow Pass Park, Pixieland has been serving families for two generations. A City partnership and lease agreement with the private operators has resulted in major renovations. Spinning Teacups, Flying Dragon Coaster, Backroad Buggies, Merry Go Round and the Miniature Train Ride around the pond will delight young patrons. For information call 689-8841. Pixieland - 2740 East Olivera Road.

List of Playgrounds

  • Baldwin Park. Parkside Circle.
  • Brazil Quarry Park. End of Kent Way
  • Cambridge Park. 1135 Lacey Lane
  • Civic Center. 1950 Parkside Drive
  • Dave Brubeck Park. 4363 Concord Boulevard
  • Concord Community Park. 3501 Cowell Road
  • Ellis Lake Park. 1736 Clayton Road
  • Highlands Park. 1336 Pennsylvania Blvd.
  • Hillcrest Park. 2050 Olivera Road
  • Newhall Park. 1351 Newhall Park
  • Rick Seers Neighborhood Park. 2273 Fox Way
  • Sun Terrace Park. 3501 Montreal Circle
  • Todos Santos Plaza. 2175 Willow Pass Road
  • Ygnacio Valley Park. 900 Oak Grove Road
City of Concord CA