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The Purchasing Division is part of the Finance Department.

We are committed to providing high quality procurement standards and practices. We strive to process procurements in a timely and efficient manner and ensure that products and services are delivered when required at the most reasonable price. We give primary consideration to the best interests of the City of Concord. Our goal is to obtain the best value for the City, attain the maximum value for each tax dollar while meeting the needs of City departments, and giving all qualified vendors a fair opportunity. The City will apply the best value concept as defined below:

Best Value Concept: In determining the "lowest responsive, responsible bidder," the City will apply the best value concept. Criteria for determining low bids shall include, but not limited to, the following: (1) The ability, capacity, and skill of the bidder to perform the contract or provide the supplies, services, or equipment required; (2) The ability of the bidder to provide the supplies, services, or equipment promptly or within the time specified without delay or interference; (3) The character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience, and efficiency of the bidder; (4) The quality of the bidder's performance on previous purchases or contracts with the City; (5) The ability of the bidder to provide future maintenance, repair, parts, and services for the use of the supplies purchased.

Achievements and Awards

The City of Concord has earned this prestigious award

Purchasing Award for Concord, CA

Availability Of Funds

The City's fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th. Budgets are set to correspond with the fiscal year. The City conducts a quote/bid process with the intention that funds are available for the purchase. However, depending on cost and budget availability at the time, the City may or may not make an award. The City's obligation for payment of any contract beyond the current fiscal year is contingent upon the availability of funding from which payment can be made.

Bid Opening/Submittal Locations

Unless otherwise stated on the bid (RFBs*) documents, most bid submittals and bid openings are publicly opened at the:
Office of City Clerk-Wing A
City of Concord Civic Center
1950 Parkside Drive-M/S 03
Concord, California 94519

Unless otherwise stated on the bid (RFPs*) documents, most proposal submittals are received at the:
Purchasing - Finance Department
City of Concord Civic Center
1950 Parkside Drive-M/S 07
Concord, California 94519
* RFB = Request for Bids (public bid opening),
* RFP = Request for Proposals (not typically opened publicly)

Via Email
Bid/proposal submissions may be submitted via email depending on the bid type and/or amount.

Bid Opportunities

Click on 'Bid Opportunities'

Bid notices are also posted on the outside Bulletin Board (in Glass Case) at the City of Concord - Civic Center at 1950 Parkside Drive, Concord, CA 94519.

Contact Information

Purchasing Division
City of Concord
1950 Parkside Drive, MS/07
Concord, CA 94519
Phone (925) 671-3178
Fax (925) 676-2290

Environmental Purchasing Policy

Please click on the Environmental Purchasing Policy to view the guidelines pursuant to the City of Concord Administrative Directive (AD) No. 33.

Ethics and Standards of Practice

Purchasing Department employees subscribe to these 'Standards of Purchasing Practice' as outlined by the California Association for Public Purchasing Professionals (CAPPO):

  • To regard public service as a sacred trust, giving primary consideration to the interests of the public agency that employs us
  • To purchase without prejudice, seeking to obtain the maximum value for each dollar spent
  • To avoid unfair practices, giving all qualified vendors equal opportunity.
  • To honor our obligations and require that obligations to our public• agency be honored
  • To accord vendor representatives courteous treatment, remembering that these representatives are important sources of information and assistance in solving our purchasing needs
  • To refuse to accept any form of commercial bribery and prevent any appearance of so doing
  • To be receptive to counsel from our colleagues and to cooperate with them to promote a spirit of teamwork and unity
  • To conduct ourselves with fairness and dignity and to demand honesty and truth in the purchasing process
  • To strive for greater knowledge of purchasing methods and of the materials we purchase
  • To cooperate with all organizations and individuals involved in activities designed to enhance the development of the purchasing profession, remembering that our actions reflect on the entire purchasing professions

In regards to gifts and gratuities, the City maintains a strict policy prohibiting its employees from accepting gifts and for gratuities from any supplier or potential supplier. We greatly appreciate your consideration with this policy. (Administrative Regulation #AD43 effective 9/26/06)

Equal Opportunity

Please refer to the City of Concord's Equal Opportunity Clause of Executive Order 11246.

Insurance Requirements

Please refer to the City of Concord's Insurance Requirements.

Invoices And Payments

Purchase Order numbers (if applicable) must appear on all invoices, packing slips, and all other correspondence relevant to the order. The City's standard payment terms are Net 30, however, it may vary depending on the purchase. Payments will be released after delivery, acceptance of an order, satisfactory performance, and receipt of an original invoice.

Labor Compliance Requirements

Contractor/Vendor must comply with applicable labor compliance requirements including but not limited to prevailing wage requirements, SB 854, SB 96, Labor Code sections 1771.1(a) & 1725.5, Public Works Contractor Registration Program, Electronic Certified Payroll Records to Labor Commissioner, and other requirements described on the direct links provided below as applicable.

  • For prevailing wage requirements, please refer to the applicable statutes and regulations regarding the payment of prevailing wages and General Prevailing Wage Determination(s) including the footnotes. Such information is available on the Department of Industrial Relations' website at asked questions can be found on the following link at
  • For DIR (Department of Industrial Relations in the State of California) requirements, please refer to general requirements by DIR.
  • For Public Work Projects and additional information about public works requirements including contractor registration, please visit the public works section at

Please refer to the City of Concord's Labor Compliance Requirements Including Prevailing Wage, SB854.

DIR Work - Project Services Subject to SB 854 Requirements

See also information under the Public Projects, Construction, and Engineering section below.


A Concord Business License is required for all vendors doing business with the City of Concord. For more information, contact our Business License division.

Local Vendor Preference

The City has a local vendor preference of 5% for projects up to $100,000 per bid including all costs except sales tax. Please refer to the "Local Vendor Preference Policy and Procedure No. 142."


Building Map

Policies And Procedures - CMC Chapter 3.10 Purchasing

See Policies and Procedures

Procurement Process

Depending on the amount thresholds, the method of procurement varies as follows:

  • Direct Payment: No purchase order required
  • No Competitive Bids: Require only one (1) quote
  • Informal Quotes: At least three competitive quotes. (RFQ-Request for Quotes/Quotations)
  • Formal Bids: Must be competitively bid including published notice. The formal bid process can take up to 8 weeks or longer depending on a variety of things. (RFB-Request for Bids or RFP-Request for Proposals)
  • Awards: All awards are made to the vendor and/or the offer that provides the best value to the City. See the 'Best Value Concept' defined under the 'Mission Statement' section.
  • Exceptions: Exceptions to the bid process may be made when the City determines an emergency situation, when the item can only be obtained from one vendor; when the item is required to match an existing item; or when the City Council determines that waiving the bid process is in the best interest of the City

For further details on the City's procurement process, please click Vendors Procurement Process Information and referenced document Purchase-Bid Types.

Public Projects, Construction. and Engineering

The process for awarding a contract for a 'public' project is defined by the California Public Contract code. Specifications and bidding procedures for major construction and improvements of public buildings, streets, drains, sewers, utilities, parks or playgrounds are primarily under the Community and Economic Development Division and/or Public Works Division.
View Bid opportunities and CIP - Capital Improvement Projects.

Please also refer to the Labor Compliance Requirements section above for all public projects.

Purchase Orders / Contracts

A purchase order (or a PO number) is required at the time of order placement. Vendors should not accept an order or perform work for the City without a PO number.

Except for emergencies or other exemptions outlined in the City Ordinance or Applicable Laws, purchases are not authorized unless the City's Purchasing Department has issued a Purchase Order number. Purchases made without a PO number are 'unauthorized', void and not considered an obligation of the City. Invoices without a valid PO number may be returned to the vendor unpaid. The City is not responsible for any unauthorized purchase or any purchase that does not comply with the City's purchasing policies and procedures.

All vendors awarded a contract must comply with terms and conditions set forth in the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions and/or the Contract/Agreement (View PO Terms and Conditions.) Contract may be in a form of a purchase order, a contract, or both.

Shipping Terms and Charges

The City prefers to have all orders shipped 'FOB Destination', and to take possession of the shipment at our delivery dock (not the point of origin), with no shipping charges billed to the City. If shipping costs must be charged separately, they must be itemized on all quotes and invoices. Failure to specify shipping charges may make them null and void.

Surplus Items

Bid on City of Concord surplus items auctioned on!
(Enter 'City of Concord' in the Search Box)

Vendor Guide

AttentionThe purpose of this guide is to help potential vendors understand City of Concord's purchasing practices and to answer general questions about doing business with the City. For the brochure, see How To Do Business with the City of Concord. The City's goal is to provide assistance to vendors in understanding our bidding and procurement requirements in order to conduct business in accordance to all applicable laws. The City purchases a wide variety of materials, equipment, and services using a centralized purchasing process managed by the Purchasing Division. However, some of the purchasing and bidding process may be decentralized and handled by the Department(s) as applicable. The City's purchasing policies comply with all City, State, and Federal regulations.

For further details on the City's procurement process, please click Vendors Procurement Process Information and referenced document Purchase-Bid Types.

Vendor Registration

Whether you are a current vendor or not, in order to receive email notifications or invitation(s) to bid for the categories you select in the system and/or participate in a bid, you must be registered in our system by completing our online vendor registration section at no charge. Online Vendor Registration Instructions via Public Purchase-Screenshots. Please read the instructions carefully and follow all of the steps. You may also view current and all bid opportunities on this website in the Bid Opportunities section at any time.

Please note that the City of Concord does not use any bidding service nor is responsible for notifying potential bidders of upcoming bids even if you have completed the online vendor registration. Depending on the project amount or circumstance, not all bids are processed through the Purchasing Division. It is the potential bidder's responsibility to be informed of any upcoming bids, changes, revisions, or updates by going to City Purchasing's website or by contacting the City of Concord Purchasing Office. If wholly electronically available, solicitation documents and any Addenda are posted on the City's website. Otherwise, the document(s) posted on the website will provide direction on how to obtain solicitation documents and/or Addenda.

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