City of Concord, California


A Grading Permit will be required for all new pools, demolition of existing pool, stock piling material and earth removing projects.

Grading Application

Chapter16.05.110 Authority to Inspect

Chapter16.05.090 Best Management Practices and Standards (BMP)

Chapter 16.05.100 Compliance Certificates for Stormwater Management Facilities; Financing Mechanisms.

Chapter 16.10.040 Control of Work; Standards for Work

Chapter 16.05.070 Discharge in Violation of NPDES Permit

Chapter Erosion Control Plan - "Rainy Season Erosion Control Plan"

Chapter 16.10.010 Intent and Purpose; General Provisions - "Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control Intent and Purpose; General Provisions"

Chapter 16.10.030 Grading Permit; Reports; Surety Bond; Erosion Control Measures

Chapter 16.05.060 Prohibited Discharges

Chapter16.05 Stormwater Management and Discharge Control

Chapter 16.05.050 Stormwater Control Plan Required

Chapter 16.05.080 Unlawful Discharge and Unlawful Connections
City of Concord CA