City of Concord, California

Building Division - Single Family and Duplex Residential Projects (R-3, R3.1, and associat

Submittal Requirements

The following are submittal requirements for various types of residential projects. For a more in depth guide to the overall permitting process see the Permit Process Guideline.

  • New buildings (RNEW)
  • Additions (RADD)
  • Alterations or Repairs (RALT)
  • Solar (RSOLAR)
  • Pools or Spas (RPOOL)
  • Miscellaneous Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing (RMEP)
  • Demolition (RDEMO)

Information Bulletins, Forms, and Additional Guidelines

The following documents or links are intended to help applicants address specific areas of development that need additional clarification, such as interpretations and policies related to specific codes or sections of codes or documents to help applicants meet specific requirements of the construction codes.

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