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Adopt-A-Street LogoConcord's Adopt-A-Street program is similar in concept to the Adopt-A-Highway program operated by Caltrans. It enables interested groups to adopt a minimum half-mile section of one of the City's key thoroughfares. In return for conducting scheduled clean-ups of that stretch of street four times a year, the sponsors are recognized with signage located at the beginning and end of their designated street sections.

Mission: to provide a way for concerned citizens and businesses to actively participate in enhancing Concord's appearance and cleanliness. The program supports the City of Concord's mission to join with the community to make Concord a city of the highest quality.

The program enables community and civic organizations, private businesses and churches to participate directly in enhancing the overall appearance of the city. For more information, call 925-671-3075 and ask to speak to the Adopt-A-Street Coordinator.

Adopt-A-Street Program brochure

Who Can Adopt-A-Street?

Any interested group that has the enthusiasm and dedication to make our community a better place to live can adopt a street. We welcome:

  • Individual Businesses and Business Organizations
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Community and Civic Organizations
  • Church Groups

What Streets Can Be Adopted?

Key thoroughfares are the focus of the first phase of the Adopt-A-Street Program. Streets available for adoption can be found on the map below.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers make a commitment to remove litter along pre-designated sections of city streets a minimum of four times per year for a two-year period. Volunteers are encouraged to monitor conditions on their section of the street and report problems to City staff members for follow up.

The Adoption Process

  1. Contact Adopt-A-Street Coordinator at the Concord Police Department Code Enforcement Unit at (925) 671-3075.
  2. Obtain, sign, and return the appropriate forms:
    • The Volunteer Service Agreement (adult or minor*)
    The Adopt-A-Street Agreement (on-line)
    * Depending on the adoption site and subject to City approval, minors (under the age of 18) may participate. Groups including minors must have at least one adult supervisor over the age of 21 at the site for every five minors present.
  3. Completed forms are then reviewed by Code Enforcement Unit staff and processed.
  4. If a proposal is approved, the Adopt-A-Street Coordinator will schedule a safety orientation and dates for the four annual clean-ups with the organization's lead contact person.
  5. Prior to all clean-up events, the Adopt-A-Street Coordinator will meet the group at the designated clean-up site, distribute supplies and equipment, and review safety procedures.

Acknowledgement and Recognition

Participants in the Adopt-A-Street program will be recognized on signage located at the beginning and end of their adopted street section. Signs will be approximately 18” high by 18” wide, with the Adopt-A-Street Program Logo, City of Concord logo, and the volunteer group's name on the sign in recognition of their commitment to the community.

Signs will be installed after the group's fourth clean-up event has been held, and will remain in place for the designated adoption period of 2 years.

Targeted Street Locations

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Adopt-A-Street Map

  1. Willow Pass Rd. (Lynwood to Farm Bureau Rd. 0.8 mi.)
  2. Willow Pass Rd. (Farm Bureau Rd. to Port Chicago Rd. 0.8 mi.)
  3. Galindo St. (Laguna St. to Walters Wy. 0.6 mi.)
  4. Detroit Ave. (Clayton Rd. to Monument Blvd. 0.9 mi.)
  5. Monument Blvd. (Walters Wy. to Oakgrove Rd. 0.7 mi.)
  6. Monument Blvd. (Oakgrove Rd. to Victory Ln. 0.6 mi.)
  7. Treat Blvd. (Cowell Rd. to Clayton Rd. 0.8 mi.)
  8. Clayton Rd. (Treat Blvd. to Bailey Rd. 0.6 mi.)
  9. Clayton Rd. (Bailey Rd. to Ayers Rd. 0.8 mi.)
  10. Clayton Rd. (Ayers Rd. to Ygnacio Valley Rd. 0.6 mi.)
  11. Clayton Rd. (Farm Bureau Rd to Davis St. 0.7 mi.)
  12. Willow Pass Rd. (Davis St. to Port Chicago Hwy. 0.7 mi.)
  13. Concord Ave. (Willow Pass Rd. to Highway 242 0.5 mi.)
  14. Concord Ave. (Willow Pass Rd. to New Drive 0.6 mi.)
  15. Diamond Blvd. (Concord Ave. to Willow Pass Rd. 0.8 mi.)
  16. Willow Pass Rd. (Contra Costa Bvd. to Diamond Blvd. 0.6 mi.)
  17. Willow Pass Rd. (Diamond Blvd. to Pine St. 0.5 mi.)
  18. Clayton Rd. (Pine to Concord Ave. 0.6 mi.)
  19. Market St. (Concord Ave. to Willow Pass Rd. 0.6 mi.)
  20. Meadow Ln. (Monument Blvd. to Clayton Rd. 1 mi.)
  21. Clayton Rd. (Market St. to Galindo St. 0.6 mi.)
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