Amended Agenda - changes highlighted in yellow

Edi E. Birsan, Mayor
Carlyn S. Obringer, Vice Mayor
Laura M. Hoffmeister
Ronald E. Leone
Timothy A. McGallian
Civic Center
1950 Parkside Drive
Concord, CA 94519

City of Concord California

Regular Meeting of the Concord City Council/City Council Sitting as the Local Reuse Authority

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
6:00 p.m. Closed Session - Council Chamber. 1950 Parkside Drive
6:30 p.m. Open Session - Council Chamber. 1950 Parkside Drive

Information for the public on participation at Council meetings can be found on the back of the Speaker Identification Card located near the Council Chamber entrance. Should you have any questions after consulting the Speaker Identification Card, please contact the City Clerk prior to the Council meeting.

AGENDIZED ITEMS - The public is entitled to address the City Council on items appearing on the agenda before or during the City Council's consideration of that item. Each speaker will be limited to approximately three minutes.


    Roll Call


    1. CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - EXISTING LITIGATION Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(1)
      Name of case: Burns, et al. v. City of Concord, et al., United States District Court Case No. C14-00535 LB


    Roll Call
    Pledge to the Flag - Vice Mayor Obringer

    This is a fifteen minute Public Comment Period for items within the City Council's subject matter jurisdiction that are not on this agenda. Each speaker will be limited to approximately three minutes. State law prohibits the City Council from acting at this meeting on any matter raised during the Public Comment Period.

    1. Presentation - by Guy Bjerke, Director of Community Reuse Planning, on the status of the Community Reuse Project. Introduction by Mayor Birsan.


    The public is entitled to address the City Council/LRA on items appearing on the Consent Calendar before or during the City Council/LRA's consideration of the Consent Calendar. Adoption of the Consent Calendar may be made by one motion of the City Council/LRA, provided that any Councilmember, individual or organization may request removal of an item from the Consent Calendar for separate consideration. If a request for removal of an item from the Consent Calendar has been received, the Mayor may defer action on the particular item and place the same on the regular agenda for consideration in any order s/he deems appropriate.

    City Council Consent Items

    1. Considering - approval of the minutes from the meeting of January 16, 2018. Recommended by the City Clerk.
    2. Considering - award of purchase of a 2018 Ford F450 in the amount of $115,942 from the National Auto Fleet Group (NAFG). (Annual Vehicle Replacement Fund) Recommended by the Director of Public Works.
    3. Considering - adoption of Resolution No. 18-18 authorizing the Contra Costa Flood Control and Water Conservation District to maintain the already established annual parcel assessment of $35 per single family residence a year for Fiscal year 2018-19 for drainage maintenance and implementation of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program. Recommended by the Director of Public Works.

      CEQA: Not a project as authorizing the amount of the annual parcel assessment for the NPDES program does not have the potential to cause a significant effect on the environment; categorically exempt under CEQA Guidelines Section 15273.
    4. Considering - adoption of Resolution No. 18-3493.1 approving the classification amendment of the Automotive Parts Worker assigned to the Field & Operations (F&O) representation unit at pay grade 005 to the Automotive Parts and Services Technician assigned to the Field & Operations (F&O) representation unit at pay grade 007. Recommended by the Director of Human Resources.
    5. Considering - adoption of Resolution No. 18-25 accepting a $52,400 grant from the Brenden Mann Foundation; authorizing and appropriating the grant funds to be used for Downtown Patrol Program Services and necessary improvements and furniture for the Downtown Community Impact Unit Office; amending the Municipal Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-18 accordingly; and authorizing the City Manager and/or designee to execute all associated documents. (Brenden Mann Grant) Recommended by the Chief of Police.

      Local Reuse Authority Consent Items

    6. Considering - a revised Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and the City of Concord Local Reuse Authority (LRA) on the development and operation of GoMentum Station Connected Vehicles (CV) and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Program on the former Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS). Recommended by the Director of Community Reuse Planning.

      CEQA: Not a project under CEQA Guidelines Sections 15060(c)(2), 15060(c)(3), or 15378; in the alternative, exempt under CEQA Guidelines 15301 (Existing Facilities), 15302. (Replacement or Reconstruction), 15303 (New Construction or Conversion of Small Structures), 15304 (Minor Alterations to Land), 15311 (Accessory Structures), and/or Section 15323 (Normal Operations of Facilities for Public Gatherings).

    Persons who wish to speak on Public Hearings listed on the agenda will be heard when the public hearing is opened, except on public hearing items previously heard and closed to public comment. After the public has commented, the item is closed to further public comment and brought to the Council level for discussion and action. Further comment from the audience will not be received unless requested by the Council. No public hearing shall commence after 10 p.m. unless approved by majority vote of the City Council.
    1. Fourth public hearing - to receive community input on City Council Districts to be established for district-based elections, including input on maps showing five potential Council District boundaries, provide direction on any preferred configurations and changes to draft maps; and to introduce Ordinance No. 18-2 and corresponding map establishing five City Council Districts by reading of the title only and waiving further reading. Report by Laura Simpson, Planning and Housing Manager.

      CEQA: Exempt under CEQA Guidelines Sections 15320, 15378, and 15061(b)(3).
    2. Considering - adoption of Resolution No. 18-12 approving a Negative Declaration prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act; adoption of Resolution No. 18-4283.1 approving a General Plan Amendment from Parks and Recreation to Low Density Residential; and introduction of Ordinance No. 18-425.1 approving a rezoning from PR (Parks and Recreation) to RS6 (Single family residential) for an approximate 0.93 acre site located at 2171 Sunshine Drive by reading of the title only and waiving further reading. Report by Frank Abejo, Principal Planner.
    3. Considering - introduction of Ordinance No. 18-1 (an Ordinance amending Concord Municipal Code Title 18 (Development Code), Chapter 18.20 (General Terms), Chapter 18.35 (North Todos Santos [NTS]), Chapter 18.150 (General Development Standards), Chapter 18.200 (Standards for Specific Uses), and Chapter 18.425 (Minor Exceptions), amending the Development Code in order to include allowable residential densities in the North Todos Santos (NTS) district (Table 18.35.030.B), reduce setbacks for pools (Sec. 18.150.160), comply with state law on parking requirements for accessory dwelling units (Sec. 18.200.180), update standards for attended donation centers and include provisions for unattended donation boxes (Sec. 18.200.200), clarify applicability of minor exceptions for residential structures (Sec. 18.425.020), and clarify various land use classifications (Sec. 18.20.020) by reading of the title only and waiving further reading. Report by Frank Abejo, Principal Planner.

      CEQA: Not a project under CEQA Guidelines Sections 15060(c)(2), 15060(c)(3), or 15378; in the alternative, exempt under Section 15061(b)(3).

    Correspondence received at the City Council meeting will be listed here on the Annotated Agenda.

    Closed Session Announcements
    City Manager or Staff Reports
    Council Reports
    1. Considering - the change of Council Ad Hoc Committee member for the Ad Hoc Committee on Concord/Pittsburg border issues related to the potential adoption for the Reuse Project Specific Plan and consideration of the annexation and potential approval of land use entitlements for the Faria Ranch Project. Recommended by the Mayor


Next Meeting: Regular Meeting
Date: 3/6/2018 - 6:30 PM.


There is a 90-day limit for the filing of a challenge in the Superior Court to certain City administrative decisions and orders which require a hearing by law, the receipt of evidence, and the exercise of discretion. The 90-day limit begins on the date the decision is final (Code of Civil Procedure Section 1094.6), or on the date that a written decision or written findings is mailed by first-class mail. Further, if you challenge an action taken by the City Council in court, you may be limited, by California law, including but not limited to Government Code Section 65009, to raising only those issues you or someone else raised in the public hearing, or in written correspondence delivered to the City Council prior to the next City Council meeting, regardless of whether it is a regular or special meeting. The City Council may be requested to reconsider a decision if the request is made by a City Council member who was on the prevailing side of the vote and at the same meeting that the decision was made. (Policy and Procedure No. 2, Section 4.24). For more information on the next regular of special City Council meeting, please call (925) 671-3390.

ADA NOTICE AND HEARING IMPAIRED PROVISIONS - The Council Chamber is equipped with a T-Coil Hearing Loop. This system allows "T" coil reception of the audio proceedings. Please switch your hearing aid or cochlear device to the "T", "T" Coil or telephone position. If you would like better audio reception, a loop receiver that picks up the audio loop is available from the City Clerk.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and California Law, it is the policy of the City of Concord to offer its public programs, services and meetings in a manner that is readily accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. If you are disabled and require a copy of a public hearing notice, or an agenda and/or agenda packet in an appropriate alternative format; or if you require other accommodation, please contact the ADA Coordinator at (925) 671-3031, at least five days in advance of the hearing. Advance notification within this guideline will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility.

The following is a list of regular Council Committee meeting dates. Most meetings are held in the Garden Conference Room, 1950 Parkside Drive, Concord. NOTE: Meetings are subject to change or cancellation. For latest information and committee agendas please call 671-3158.

Committee Chair/Member Meeting Time
Policy Development & Internal Operations Birsan/Obringer 2nd Wednesday at 5:30 pm
Housing & Economic Development Obringer/McGallian 4th Monday at 5:30 pm
Infrastructure & Franchise Hoffmeister/Leone 2nd Monday at 6:00 pm
Recreation, Cultural Affairs & Community Services McGallian/Birsan 3rd Wednesday at 5:30 pm
Youth & Education Leone/Hoffmeister 3rd Monday at 6:00 pm
City of Concord CA