City of Concord California

News Release

March 29, 2017

'Granny unit' ordinance passed by Concord City Council

The Concord City Council has approved an ordinance that will make it easier for property owners to add an attached or detached residential dwelling unit. The Council expects the relaxing of regulations around the addition of 'granny units' will increase affordable housing options in Concord, where rents are high due to the city's Bay Area location.

The City Council adopted regulations for both accessory dwelling units (ADU) and junior accessory dwelling units (JADU). ADUs are attached or detached residential units which provide complete independent living facilities, including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation. A JADU is a type of ADU that has a maximum floor area of 500 square feet and is contained entirely within an existing single-family residence. It may have separate sanitation facilities or share with the existing residence.

The new ordinance brings the City into compliance with new state legislation that recognizes ADUs as a valuable form of housing stock that provides more affordable housing for family members, students, older residents and disabled people at below-market prices in existing neighborhoods.

Concord's ordinance streamlines the approval process, reduces fees and charges, sets size and parking restrictions, and eliminates the requirement for the property owner to occupy either the ADU or the principal dwelling.

For more information, contact Assistant Planner Jessica Gonzalez at (925) 603-5821.

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