Tenant and Landlord Resources

ECHO Housing is Concord's tenant and landlord service provider. For additional information on any of Concord's tenant and landlord programs and policies, please contact ECHO Housing at 1-925-732-3919 or contact@echofairhousing.org.

To apply for Concord's COVID-19 Rental Assistance program, please contact either SHELTER, Inc. or Monument Impact. Here is the link to SHELTER, Inc.'s online application. Online applications are strongly encouraged, but you can also apply by calling (925) 338-1038. Monument Impact can be reached through the following email.  Contacting Monument Impact through email is strongly encouraged, but they can also be reached by calling (925) 695-1802. 

The City has developed a flyer that summarizes recently released residential eviction and rent increase regulations for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The English/Spanish flyer was reviewed by two of the City’s service providers for clarity and includes information regarding COVID-19 related tenant protections. The flyer, along with the COVID-19 Declaration of Hardship, was mailed to multi-family complexes of four or more units and to the tenants of those complexes on December 14. Included in the mailing was a flyer that provides information on the City’s recently adopted Residential Tenant Protection Program and relocation payment requirements.

  1. County's Urgency Ordinance
  2. State Legislation
  3. Tenant Protection
  4. Rental Assistance

Contra Costa County Urgency Ordinance provides protections for residential tenants that are in addition to the protections provided under the State Act (SB 91).  The County was already experiencing a homelessness and home affordability crisis before the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic and related government orders and guidance are causing and likely will continue to cause significant disruption to local businesses and the local economy. The County Board of Supervisors enacted this temporary ban to prevent further homelessness and protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents. For more information, please visit the County's Urgency Ordinance website.


La Ordenanza de Urgencia del Condado de Contra Costa proporciona protecciones para los inquilinos residenciales que se suman a las protecciones previstas en la Ley del Estado (SB 91). El Condado ya estaba experimentando una crisis de personas sin vivienda y asequibilidad a la vivienda antes de la pandemia COVID-19. La pandemia COVID-19 y las relacionadas órdenes y normas gubernamentales están causando y probablemente seguirán causando problemas significativos a las empresas locales y a la economía local. La Junta de Supervisores del Condado promulgó esta prohibición temporal para prevenir más faltas de vivienda y proteger la salud, seguridad y bienestar de sus residentes. Para obtener más información, visite el sitio web de la Ordenanza de Urgencia del Condado.