Be A Santa To A Senior (BASTAS)

be a santa 2020

ONLINE Shopping

  • Find a Gift Recipient listed below, each link leads to Amazon gift request.  You can purchase one or all items.  Delivery address is, Conocrd Sr. Center 1950 Parkside Dr. MS/10, Concord, CA 94519.  On the gift card message, please put the first name and initial of the person you chose.  

physical shopping option

  • If online shopping isn't your thing, you can visit the Veranda shopping center, where they will accept generic gifts at their management office at 2001 Diamond Terrace Blvd. (925) 393-1116 

    Here are some ideas:  

    • LARGE print books and puzzles (Barnes & Noble)
    • Warm sweaters, sweats and pjs (TJ Maxx and Gap)
    • Snack and Goodie Baskets(World Market & Whole Foods)
    • Note:  Gifts can be purchased from anywhere, but physical drop off location is at the Veranda management offices.
    • Gift Cards $20-$40 are acceptable.  Gift cards will be used to purchase gift requests online and/or at the appropriate store if applicable.  Some cards will be used to supplement gifts that are small or not fulfilled.

      You can also drop off at senior center, but you will need to make a drop off appointment with staff.  Contact and/or  call 925-671-3321.

Write a Letter or a Card

We also welcome hand written generic cards and letters of encouragement or fun (no politics or religion please). Seniors really enjoy cards from kids. Cards can be sent to Concord Senior Center, 1950 Parkside Dr. MS/10, Concord, CA 94519.  If you prefer to drop off the card, please schedule a drop off with Concord Senior staff.  Drop off location will be at the senior center, 2727 Parkside Circle in Baldwin Park.  Mon, Tu, Th or Fri by appointment.

Questions or concerns can be sent to concordsc@cityofconcord.orgor call 925-671-3321.