Flood Zone

Permit Application Review

The City shall review all permit applications to determine the following:

  • That all requirements of this chapter have been satisfied
  • That the site indicated in the permit is reasonably safe from flooding
  • Whether the proposed development adversely affects the flood-carrying capacity of the special flood hazard area. For purposes of this chapter, adversely affected means that the cumulative effect of the proposed development, when combined with all other existing and anticipated development, will increase the water surface elevation of the base flood more than one foot at any point
  • With respect to applications involving five or more parcels, that the flood discharge exiting the development after construction is equal to, or less than, the flood discharge at the location prior to development

Building Permits

Ordinances prohibits the issuance of a building permit for a building within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) without first obtaining a SFHA permit. Engineering division will determine if a proposed building lies within a flood hazard area. If it does, the following procedure applies:

  1. Engineering Division will provide the permit applicant with a SFHA permit application form.
  2. Engineering Division will review the application for completeness and compliance with ordinance requirements. When appropriate, specific requirements will be noted on the permit.
  3. Engineering Division will approve, conditionally approve, or deny the permit application. Building Division will be informed of Engineering division's decision via the normal building permit plan check process.
  4. Building Division to inspect construction for conformance with ordinance requirements (flood proofing, required elevation certificate).
  5. Engineering Division will file all applications in SFHA file along with pertinent information.
  6. Building Division will submit to the Engineering Division pertinent records such as documentation inspections and elevation certificates for filing.
  7. Engineering Division will initiate enforcement proceedings for any ordinance violations.
  8. For development permits such as subdivisions of use permits, Engineering Division will notify the developer of the ordinance requirements through the project conditions of approval.